Tim Harris

e-mail: timothy.l.harris@oracle.com (work)
e-mail: tim.harris@gmail.com (personal)
web: http://labs.oracle.com/people/timharris (work)
web: https://tlhphotography.uk (photography)
twitter: @THarris_Tim

I lead the Oracle Labs group in Cambridge, UK. My research interests span multiple layers of the stack. I am particularly interested in parallel programming, OS / runtime-system interaction, and opportunities for specialized architecture support for particular workloads. Right now I am looking at OS and VM support for distributed runtime systems, particularly in the setting of distributed graph algorithms running on clusters. I collaborate with the Scalable Synchronization and Persistence Across the Memory Bus projects in Burlington, MA, USA, and with the Parallel Graph Analytics (PGX) project in CA, USA.

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Community service

I recently served as joint PC chair for VEE 2017 (with Galen Hunt), as PC chair for PPoPP 2016, and joint PC-chair for EuroSys 2015 (with Maurice Herlihy). I have also served as chair of the ASPLOS steering committee (2013–2014), and as vice-chair of EuroSys, the SIGOPS European Chapter (2009–2013). I was general chair for ASPLOS 2012 in London, UK. I am serving on the PPoPP and TRANSACT steering committees, and the programme committees for SOSP 2017, PLDI 2017, EuroSys 2017, PPoPP 2017, USENIX ATC 2016, SOSP 2015, PPoPP 2015, SNAPL 2015, OPODIS 2014, MSPC 2014 (joint chair), PLOS 2013 (joint chair), DSLDI 2013, ISMM 2013, EuroSys 2013, PODC 2013, OSDI 2012, PLOS 2011, SOSP 2011, HotPar 2011, POPL 2011, ICDCN 2011, VEE 2010, IPDPS 2010, ASPLOS 2010, PPoPP 2010, SSS 2009, PODC 2009, ESOP 2009, ASPLOS 2009, PPoPP 2009, DISC 2008, EuroSys Doctoral Workshop 2008, PPoPP 2008, VEE 2007, ISMM 2007, OOPSLA 2007, PLDI 2007, EuroSys 2007, DISC 2006, PODC 2006, PPoPP 2006, EuroSys Doctoral Workshop 2005 (chair), SCOOL 2005 (co-chair), VEE 2005, PODC CSJP Workshop 2004, and been a reviewer for numerous conferences and journals such as OOPSLA, OSDI, PLDI, POPL, SOSP, TOCS and TOPLAS.


I have a separate web site for my photography at https://tlhphotography.uk, and more images on flickr at http://www.flickr.com/photos/timitim/.